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The WarPulse MC Network is an online community driven Minecraft server with Survival, Creative and Hardcore available to play.

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Gaming. Redefined.

Server Features

We're back... with a bang

Survival Multiplayer

The classic Minecraft experience with all the secret WarPulse ingredients..

  • Protected land so you can create towns with your friends
  • Classic unmodded experience with a twist
  • Economy and Shops
  • Be rewarded for playing with more land claims


Everyone has a creative side... express yours in our Creative server... just don't build any penises... please.

  • Protected plots of land
  • Not limited to small plot sizes as on a naturally generated server
  • The longer you play the more land you can claim


Pretty self explanatory here.. you live... you die... that's it.. for a few months that is

  • Protected land so you can create towns with your friends
  • World resets every 4 months so you can play again.
  • Be rewarded for playing with more land claims

We believe in the power of community

We have always aimed to improve how we game together as stated with our slogan.

Gaming Together. Redefined.

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The WarPulse MC Network
is currently DOWN

WarPulse MC is still actively being developed during its BETA phase, keep an eye on this page for the latest information on our full launch and we will give you more information when it's ready.

Can't wait?

Join in with us on the BETA by joining our Discord Server by clicking the button below then navigate to the 'Request Beta Access' channel under the 'WarPulse MC' category and follow the instructions within that channel to get involved.

Join our discord with the button above to join the community first and get to know the people you'll be sharing the world of Minecraftia with!

We're excited to show you what we have.. and to our returning players from years passed.. we've missed you.

Due to a member of staff who was responsible for the management for the server leaving the server is temporarily down.

We will update you in due course.

-The WarPulse Team

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