What is WarPulse?

WarPulse is a gaming community built on the foundations of making friends whilst playing games.


We use the popular and free Discord application for all of our comms meaning you can stay in touch with your friends within the community at any time!


We play an abundance of games together whether it be an FPS action game, MMO or a MOBA, you're almost certain to find someone who has the same tastes as you!

Game Servers

WarPulse is known for it's hugely successful game servers within the Minecraft world - Join the Kingdoms Minecraft server today @ KINGDOMS.WARPULSE.COM

WarPulse Merch

Cop yourself some official WarPulse merch!

Our People

The gears that grind to keep WarPulse running.

Atlas (Niall)


Founding WarPulse back in 2014 with a friend and becoming the sole owner in 2016, Niall has been with the community since it's inception.

Buck (Chris)


Buck has been with the community since the start and has constantly been a prominent and well know oracle within WarPulse, if you have ever needed a chat or just a good chuckle, he is the person you need.



Coming Soon...

Xindigoh (Matt)


Coming Soon...


Head of Moderation

Coming Soon...


Events Co-ordinator

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