Dark Portal Teaser!

Atlas a posted Wed at 14:45

WarPulse recently released a new teaser for its upcoming Minecraft server "Dark Portal" see it below!

Dark Portal will have its own dedicated page soon so stay tuned for more information!

TeamSpeak and DNS Propagation

Atlas a posted Oct 1, 16  -  News

Hello everyone!

Just to remind everyone as our site has changed over to a new server and a new DNS address all of our services have too, and their DNS can take up to 48 hours to change for you.

If you find yourself unable to connect to any of our services restart your computer and clear your cache and try again.

These issues will susbide the next 24 hours.

Welcome to WarPulse

Atlas a posted Sep 19, 16  -  Announcement

Welcome to our new-old site.

Some of our older members will recall us using Enjin as our main platform over a year ago now and we are making the switch back for many different reasons but the main reason still sticks to be that Enjin is a fan favourite among WarPulse members and Enjin is built for gaming.

This Change is the first of many for WarPulse in the coming months so stay tuned!


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